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Providence Healthcare Management, Inc.Providence Healthcare Management was founded by Eli Gunzburg based on a core set of values. As the company has expanded, these values have been honed and focused to be a driving force behind every one of our healthcare facilities.

Dedicated Teams

Each facility is run by an on-site health care team dedicated to providing high levels of clinical care. Our team members are our most important asset and we treat each individual with care and respect. Giving our employees the freedom to feel secure in their job allows each one the opportunity to truly excel at whatever she or he does. By providing for our team members, we can offer better care.

Clinical + Care for Patients

We care about our patients and operate with a focus on each and every individual. We want every patient to get the best possible care available to him or her, and our staff knows that we are here to help our patients. Clinical care without caring may deter healing, so we invest our caring into everything that we do.

Infusion of Core Values

Our core values are so integral to everything that we do that we have created this website to review each value. Infusing our core values into every aspect of care for our patients and residents helps each person heal and feel better. Also, becoming part of our larger community helps our residents truly feel at home, whether they are moving in for short term rehabilitation and care or for long term care.

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“…this is the most fun and best place that I have ever worked at. I have never enjoyed more coming to work here every morning…”

-quote from staff member