Hillcreek Employee Testimonials

Kim Brand

“I love the atmosphere here at Hillcreek, and consider my co-workers as part of my family.”

Hillcreek Rehabilitation & Care

Hillcreek Rehabilitation & Care

My employment with Hillcreek began in August of 2016, after Kindred closed their only Louisville SNF. I worked for Kindred Healthcare in several capacities and for two different Kindred facilities. I did admissions for my first 7 years, then transferred into the position of Clinical Liaison (per the insistence of our Divisional Vice President of Operations) for my last three years.

I was initially a little hesitant when I arrived at Hillcreek, for the simple fact I had been at Kindred for so long and that the systems would be different and I was so familiar with the “Kindred way.” Things were in fact different, but in such a positive way. I have never been at a building that would go to the extent that this building does to say “yes” to any admission. This was a pleasant surprise because I was more used to having to push to get admissions in the door, both as a liaison and an admission coordinator. If ever there was a barrier to admissions, the Administrator and DNS would pick up the phone immediately to solve the issue and overcome the barrier.

In my previous positions at Kindred I spent quite a bit of time on Customer Service and Chris has allowed me to continue working in this area as the Admission Director for Hillcreek. It was such a pleasant surprise to find out that there were very few customer service issues. I can honestly say that other than our pharmacy issues, my phone rarely rings at night from our patients or their family members. If I do get calls, it usually stems from pharmacy issues—and even then, I’m able to speak with our ED, DNS, and UM’s (sometimes at midnight even) and we problem-solve to resolve the issue the best that we can.

I love the atmosphere here at Hillcreek, and consider my co-workers as part of my family. They all truly care about our residents, their co-workers, and this really shows in the care that our patients receive. Is Hillcreek perfect? No, but everyone strives to provide the best service possible. I always go home and tell my family that it was a blessing that Kindred closed our Louisville area SNF’s because I never really knew that I was unhappy there until I came to Hillcreek!!!