We Believe

We believe in inspiring happiness in everyone we encounter.


Inspiring Happiness


We have the opportunity to inspire happiness in the people we encounter. Even the most sullen people have the capacity to learn to be happy; when we see these people we can take actions to help inspire them to happiness. A joke, a smile, a hug (when appropriate) can all help to elevate someone’s mood.

Engaging with People

In many cases, the simple act of talking to and responding to people can have a positive impact on their mood and their happiness. When you notice the people around you and engage them in conversation,  you give them a chance to be noticed. In so doing, you show them you care and are here in the world with them.

Making the Right Choice

What an opportunity! To help inspire the people we encounter to be more happy! Why waste this opportunity for a moment? Start treating the people around you with more joy and happiness, and more happiness is sure to follow.