We Believe

We believe we are an openhearted family, respecting each person’s individuality.


Openhearted Family


We are more than just a bunch of people who happen to see each other on a daily basis. We are an openhearted family, and we are careful to respect each person’s individuality. Every member of our larger family deserves our love and respect. Every staff member, and every resident – both our long term care residents and our short term care residents.

Respecting Individuality

In this day and age, there are all different types of people. Each person’s individuality is their own and as members of a larger, openhearted family consisting of both staff and residents, it is our duty to respect each person’s individuality.

Making the Right Choice

We impact the people around us. Let us together make the choice to impact the people around us by encircling each other with love and respecting each other’s individuality.