We Believe

We believe we share the responsibility to smile and be positive.


Smile and Be Positive


Smiles are contagious. Smile at the person next to you, and you can watch it spread around throughout the day. This is why we believe that we ALL share the responsibility to smile and be positive. Every one of us, staff and resident alike, has the opportunity to make someone’s day by sharing a smile and keeping a positive outlook.

Staying Positive

There may be times in anyone’s life that it seems hard or impossible to stay positive. But this constant focus on the good and positive in each situation instead of the bad of each situation is so important to making it through each day and having a great impact on the people we live and work with.

Making the Right Choice

Every day and every second we can take what seems like a bad situation and make it better. We simply need to pivot our outlook and review the good parts of the situation. And the more we practice, the easier this gets. So come on smile and be positive!